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Un cuento para año nuevo

TVE has come to our offices to record us.
We are preparing an animation of 2 minutes which will be part of the program Un cuento de año nuevo. La parte de atrás.

Several artists from different disciplines are involved in this project that will be broadcasted for the New Year special program of 2 TVE. Miguel Gallardo is one of these artists and nueveojos has been working with him to develop his piece.

On our Facebookyou can scroll through the images of the shooting and the process of creating the piece.

The mapping of the new FCB Masia

critica mundo deportivo

criticizes Mundo Deportivo

Last 20 th October opened the new Barça training center, we were in charge of mapping the entire event that was broadcasted live on TV3 and youtube! It lasted 35 minutes, we mapped two fronts and we needed 7 projectors to cover the entire surface optimally.
We work with Baf for the technical engineering and Events was responsible for all the production of the event.
It was a pleasure and finally a success of the entire team that was part of this project.
you can find more images in facebook .

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