Happy new year!

We wish a Happy New Year to all of you!!!



Alice in Wasteland

You can see our new video of Alicia en el País de los residuos.
It is a stop motion piece that take us to the world of recycling that will be seen in the Ecoparc 4 Hostalets of Piarola and we have made for "Imagina".
find hereFacebookour photo album.

New concept of Christmas lights

Mapping for Christmas in Berga.
nueveojos, together withJoan Claret, DeviceandJoan Molins,has created three pieces for Christmas in Berga.
Baf was responsible for the technical engineering of the entire project.
We have projected 2 buildings and a sculpture with the theme of Christmas, in our Facebook You can see photos of the project.

the corner slide 1
the corner slide 2
the corner slide 3
the corner slide 4
the corner slide 5

The Corner Festival by nueveojos

Last 25 November nueveojos participated inThe Corner festival.
We gave a talk about our work and created a video installation that mixed the mapping with an optical effect.
We were able to chat with professional colleagues, artists from other disciplines and have a great time!
Thanks to La Plataforma team for looking after us both!
In our Facebook You can see the photo album.

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