nueveojos animac 01
Nos vamos al Animac!!
Nos vamos al Animac!!
Nos vamos al Animac!!
nueveojos animac

We're going to Animac!!
The Queen of the waste has left this morning for a walk the red carpet Animac 2012, animation festival held in Catalonia Lleida.
There will be shown our piece “Alicia al País de les Deixalles“.
Also… Tomorrow at the opening at 20.30 shows the video we have made for Mishima.! Tomorrow more!

Opening Planeta Vida

morphing nueveojosToday at 19h permanent exhibition Planeta Vida opens at the Museu de les Ciències Naturals de Barcelona. We have made several of the audiovisual pieces that you can enjoy from today!



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nueveojos preparando animac

Animating for Animac 2012!

We are preparing a piece for the opening session of Animac 2012.We can not tell much for the time, it is a surprise, but it will be veeery creative! there will be more details soon…..



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