Awarded by the best cultural event of the year

El despertar de la Casa Batlló por nueveojos 1er Premio evenoplus
El mapping “El despertar de la Casa Batlló” Golden has gotten the best cultural event 2012 given byEventoplus Groupin its eighth edition boasts the 3 July 2013 in Madrid.

It is a great pleasure to see recognized the hard work and love that we have placed in this piece.

A million thanks to all who have helped us to get:
Athenea Harrington,Luis Miguel Cobo, Xevi Gibert, Lluís Badosa, Jessica Bonet, Cristina Sanchez, Pol Solà, Joan Molins, Oscar Palma, Ignacio Mullor, Hugo Hors, Dani Fornaguera, Jullien Telle, Marina Fancelli, Laura Company, Edu Marquillas, Susana Ojea, Aitor Echeverría, the whole team BAFand especially to all the people of Casa Batllo.


Carla Crespo vidal recogiendo premio Eventoplus 2013.

Carla Crespo picking Casa Batllo Gold.

Here you can see the summary of the show. (2 mine.)

Here you can see the entire show. (20 min)


“The awakening of the Casa Batllo”, trailer

We present the trailer “The awakening of the Casa Batllo”, our new mapping. We have spent many months on this project dumps. We invite you to see the days 20 and 21 October with three projections each day, 21:00,  21:30 and 22:00, in Casa Batllo (Pg de Gracia n º 43) on the tenth anniversary of cultural tours of the house museum.
Andreu Buenafuente will emcee the day 20.

See you there!

The mapping of the new FCB Masia

critica mundo deportivo

criticizes Mundo Deportivo

Last 20 th October opened the new Barça training center, we were in charge of mapping the entire event that was broadcasted live on TV3 and youtube! It lasted 35 minutes, we mapped two fronts and we needed 7 projectors to cover the entire surface optimally.
We work with Baf for the technical engineering and Events was responsible for all the production of the event.
It was a pleasure and finally a success of the entire team that was part of this project.
you can find more images in facebook .

nueveojos arriaga slide 1
nueveojos arriaga slide 2
nueveojos arriaga 3

Mapping in Bilbao

We have mapped the Arriaga theater, has been a pleasure. Aupa Bilbo!!!
In our Facebook you have pictures of the show.


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