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In 5 de diciembre se estrenó en Caixa Forum “Memorias de tortuga” el primer cortometraje producido y posproducido por nueveojos.
Un Sainete ibérico escrito por Juan Goytisolo y dirigido por Frederic Amat, con Albert Pla, Joan Baixas y Pep Duran a la interpretación. Cabo san Roque ha compuesto la banda sonora.
Leer crónica de “El País”:

Awarded by the best cultural event of the year

El despertar de la Casa Batlló por nueveojos 1er Premio evenoplus
El mapping “El despertar de la Casa Batlló” Golden has gotten the best cultural event 2012 given byEventoplus Groupin its eighth edition boasts the 3 July 2013 in Madrid.

It is a great pleasure to see recognized the hard work and love that we have placed in this piece.

A million thanks to all who have helped us to get:
Athenea Harrington,Luis Miguel Cobo, Xevi Gibert, Lluís Badosa, Jessica Bonet, Cristina Sanchez, Pol Solà, Joan Molins, Oscar Palma, Ignacio Mullor, Hugo Hors, Dani Fornaguera, Jullien Telle, Marina Fancelli, Laura Company, Edu Marquillas, Susana Ojea, Aitor Echeverría, the whole team BAFand especially to all the people of Casa Batllo.


Carla Crespo vidal recogiendo premio Eventoplus 2013.

Carla Crespo picking Casa Batllo Gold.

Here you can see the summary of the show. (2 mine.)

Here you can see the entire show. (20 min)


Vespres Verds, Protoclip selected.

Vespres Verds he animated clip Mishima, produced by Nueveojos Animac and select the best of the clips within the Spanish edition of 8 Protoclip. The selection was made by a great knowledge of the international average,and Jonatha Welles.

The screening will be in Paris next 30 November. The festival also showcases the best international moment of clips and a special group of filmmakers dedicated to ‘Canada’, who have led a handful of clips Mishima.

nueveojos in exposure: “The Paral·lel 1894-1939″

exposicio_el_parallel nueveojos

We present the exhibition: “The Paral·lel, 1894-1939Barcelona and the spectacle of modernity” where nueveojos has made three pieces commissioned by the CCCB.

What is?

An exhibition to explain the emergence of new forms of entertainment as a result of fundamental changes experienced by a city and a country in the first forty years of the twentieth century, at break imposed by Francoism.

The exhibition aims to show the modernity of an avenue that is the meeting point, and in certain historical moments, Collision, of different social classes who live in the city and in the country.


Inauguration:Oct. 26 2012 to 19:00
Duration: From 26 October 2012 to 24 February 2013
CCCB: C / Montalegre, 5 – 080001 Barcelona –
Project and Commissariat: Xavier Albertí, stage director and Eduard Molner, Journalist and cultural programmer
Design Space: Emiliana Design Studio
Production: CCCB
Collaboration: Institut del Teatre de Barcelona – Diputació de Barcelona

“The awakening of the Casa Batllo”, trailer

We present the trailer “The awakening of the Casa Batllo”, our new mapping. We have spent many months on this project dumps. We invite you to see the days 20 and 21 October with three projections each day, 21:00,  21:30 and 22:00, in Casa Batllo (Pg de Gracia n º 43) on the tenth anniversary of cultural tours of the house museum.
Andreu Buenafuente will emcee the day 20.

See you there!

The mapping of Casa Batllo

Casa BatllóPreparing took months but now we can say that we are in the final stages of the production of mapping of Casa Batllo.

To mark the tenth anniversary open house famous Gaudi building, Casa Batllo has commissioned the production and realization of a spectacular mapping on one of the most beautiful facades (complicated!) our city.

We'll hang developments during the process so that you may be watching the progress. We are very excited about this challenge!

Saturday 20 October 2012
Sunday 21 October 2012



Mariona Omedes in the movie “Ferida Arrel: Maria-Mercè Marçal”

Instant mariona omedes

frame of the piece of Mariona Omedes

Tomorrow, 8 opens the 20ª Mostra Internacional de Films de Dones de Barcelona, to be held until 17 th June.

The collective film "Ferida arrel: Maria Mercè Marçal ", directed and produced by Fran and Ruvira Marçal Heura, opens the event. 22 filmmakers of different generations, among which are Mariona Omedes, participated in this film where, through parts 3-4 minutes, each director gives his view of the world of the poet Maria-Merce Marcal.

Friday 8 June at 19:30 Cinematheque de Catalunya
Friday 15 June at 17.30 at the Centre F. Bonnemaison



nueveojos in MiniScreen

miniscreen nueveojosThis yearminiScreenhave designed our videoEls Vespres Verds.

miniSCREENis an educational project framed in the Screen Festival (17 May – 2 th June) and audiovisual creation aims to bring boys and girls, generating observation experiences, discovery and creation.

We find a very interesting initiative, We hope you liked our music video for children.

Opening the exhibition Indianes MUHBA

expo indianesNew Release!
Today opens the exhibition Indianes 1736-1847 at the Museu d’Història de Barcelona.
We have done a great visual on the transformation of Barcelona, the manufacturing city to the industrial city.
You can visit it at the Salo del Tinell in the Plaça del Rei from today at 19h.
The exhibition is curated by Alex Sanchez and audiovisual script is Marina Lopez.

Do not miss it!!

Els Vespres verds

We present the video of Els Verds vespers Mishima, that accompanied the live performance of the group that opened the latest edition of Animac.
Video images are based on the sketchbooks of Andrés Hispano.

It was a pleasure to work for the festival who will appreciate this commission so refreshing!!

We hope you enjoy the!

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