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In 5 de diciembre se estrenó en Caixa Forum “Memorias de tortuga” el primer cortometraje producido y posproducido por nueveojos.
Un Sainete ibérico escrito por Juan Goytisolo y dirigido por Frederic Amat, con Albert Pla, Joan Baixas y Pep Duran a la interpretación. Cabo san Roque ha compuesto la banda sonora.
Leer crónica de “El País”:

Awarded by the best cultural event of the year

El despertar de la Casa Batlló por nueveojos 1er Premio evenoplus
El mapping “El despertar de la Casa Batlló” Golden has gotten the best cultural event 2012 given byEventoplus Groupin its eighth edition boasts the 3 July 2013 in Madrid.

It is a great pleasure to see recognized the hard work and love that we have placed in this piece.

A million thanks to all who have helped us to get:
Athenea Harrington,Luis Miguel Cobo, Xevi Gibert, Lluís Badosa, Jessica Bonet, Cristina Sanchez, Pol Solà, Joan Molins, Oscar Palma, Ignacio Mullor, Hugo Hors, Dani Fornaguera, Jullien Telle, Marina Fancelli, Laura Company, Edu Marquillas, Susana Ojea, Aitor Echeverría, the whole team BAFand especially to all the people of Casa Batllo.


Carla Crespo vidal recogiendo premio Eventoplus 2013.

Carla Crespo picking Casa Batllo Gold.

Here you can see the summary of the show. (2 mine.)

Here you can see the entire show. (20 min)


Happy new year!

We wish a Happy New Year to all of you!!!



Premis Nacionals de Catalunya 2011

mariona omedes premi nacionalThe CoNCA concedes to the media and visual artist Mariona Omedes (art director nueveojos) the Cultural National Award in the Audiovisual category .


Here's the extract of the special program with Mariona Omedes “Els premis Nacionals de Cultura de Catalunya 2011″.It was broadcasted by TV3 last April 2011.

The voice of outraged

Pause at any point of this video and you can hear the voice of those who are outraged.

New location

nuevo local nueve ojos
We have moved to another studio, one block from the last one. We are still based in Poble Nou, in a beautiful local with 200 m2 where we have reserved a space for handcraft works, painting and small shootings.

We will post some new pictures as soon as it goes better.

Joan d’Austria 95 3º 4 ª

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