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Audiovisual creative studio

In nueveojos we are dedicated to visual communication with a particular interest in the world of culture. We conceive this work from an author's perspective, so each project is an open creative space .

Since 2008 we serve producers, agencies, public institutions, artists and all kinds of creative workers.

We are a team of three filmmakers specialized in post-production and art direction working with the best experts and creators. We understand the producing task from a multidisciplinary and cooperative perspective, whereby each commission results in a single work of communication.

In short, we communicate ideas with pictures. This is what we like and this is what we do.

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Mariona Omedes
Art director and director

In 2011 received the Catalan National Culture Prize awarded by CoNCA, in the audiovisual category.

Has developed her skills working for ten years (1989-1999) in the digital post-production company Oframe, which she ended up managing herself.

From 2000 until 2008, worked freelance, for customers such as the Gran Teatre del Liceu, the Palau de la Música Catalana, the CCCB, TVE, Canal +, Bausan Films and collaborates with artists as Bigas Luna, Jose Luis Guerin, Federica Amat, Manuel Huerga, Mariscal and El Tricicle.

Carles Mora
Director and Technical Directorcarles-mora-cuco

Starts as a graphic designer in Idep 1996 and in 2000 turns full time into the audiovisual sector.

For five years worked as head of post production in Avinyó Films, for clients such as Filmax, Pasarela Gaudi, Llongueras, Manga Films, Bombay Saphire, El Periódico, TV3 and Möet Chandon.

Has won several awards as a director of music videos, including the Barcelona Visual Sound, the Cl'hips Festival and the FIC-CAT Awards.

Karin du Croo

Bachelor of Fine Arts from the UB, 1997, left to Chicago to complete her training at the Arts Institute.

In 2007 merits presents with an MA in Art Direction in Blanquerna 2008 studied in the Postgraduate Course for Typography at Eina School.

Began her career at the Internet Provider Terra Networks in Madrid, as art director of the multimedia department.

Has also developed audiovisual projects for clients such as FC Barcelona, Forum 2004, Tour de France, DEC BBDO, Repsol, Orange and Aymerich Communication Foundation.

Elisenda Arnavat

Licenciada en Periodismo por la UAB en 2004, se especializa en el campo audiovisual.

Since 2005 hasta 2013 trabaja en varios programas de entretenimiento para televisión cumpliendo tareas que van desde la redacción de contenidos y elaboración de entrevistas hasta la coordinación de rodajes, posproducción y dirección. Ha trabajado en empresas como Gestmusic Endemol, Veranda TV, Videomedia o TVFlash.

In 2008 viaja a Londres para complementar su formación en el terreno del documental audiovisual, en la Met Film School.

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