El Mapping de Casa Batlló

The awakening of the dragon (2′)

Direction of a show that combines mapping, lights and actors in order to awake the dragon that lies asleep in Casa Batlló’s roof. This event was held before the projection of the mapping “El despertar de la Casa Batlló, to celebrate 10 years of Casa Batlló aas World Heritage of Unesco and was scheduled within the Festes de la Mercè, with great succes on 2015. More than 22.000 people could enjoy and be part of this show, synchronising their mobile phones to awake the dragon.

Date: September 2015
Customer: Casa Batllo
Format: Mapping, light show
Duration: 15’ + 20′
nueveojos: art direction, graphics , post production and event production

nueveojos contributors :

Direction: Mariona Omedes
Assistant director: Pepe Miravete
Princess: Pepa Plana
Postproduction: Carles Mora and Josep Balada
Production: Elisenda Arnavat, Jordi Nicolau and Gisela Merín
Light show music: Carles Mora
Sound postproduction: G23
Technical Engineering: BLOCK AV and Albadalejo
Making of: David Bretones, Edu Marquillas and Marcos Pasquin

Resumen del mapping (2′)

Mapping sobre la Casa Batllo para celebrar los 10 years of cultural visits.
The Casa Batllo Gaudi building is the most inspired legends since the architect rehabilitated, between 1904 y 1906. Since then, the locals know it by many names: ‘the house of bones', by columns shaped fibula in the gallery of the first floor; ‘the house of yawns', by the windows that look great gaping mouths; ‘the house of the masks', by the silhouette of the cast-iron balconies, y ‘dragon house ', a clear representation of the legend of Saiandt George on the back of this fabulous animal resting on the roof.

Content Advisor: Daniel Giralt Miracle

Date: October 2012
Customer: Casa Batllo
Format: Mapping
Duration: 20′
nueveojos: art direction, graphics , post production and event production

nueveojos contributors :

Original music: Luis Miguel Cobo
Production: Athenea Harrington and Jessica Bonet
Technical Engineering: Baf
Regiduría: Cristina Sanchez
Composition: Pol Solà and Joan Molins
3D: Oscar Palma, Ignacio Mullor, Hugo Hors and Dani Fornaguera
Illustration: Jullien Telle
Postproduction Assistant: Marina Fancelli and Laura Company
Making of: Edu Marquillas

Full Show (20′)


Making Of (17′)




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