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Creation and production of audiovisual content for the set of the interactive musical theatre production GUERRA, conceived by Albert Pla and directed by Pepe Miravete.


Conception: Albert Pla
Cast: Albert Pla, Fermin Muguruza y Raül Fernández “Refree”
Direction: Pepe Miravete
Playwright: Albert Pla y Pepe Miravete
Composition and musical direction : Raül Fernández “Refree”
Sound: Judit Farrés
Set and lighting design: Cube
Technical direction: Xevi Gibert
Sound design: Xavi Ollé
Photography: David Ruano
Executive Producer: Pedro Páramo
Communication: Jessica Blasco “TeVeoVenir”

Date: July 2015
Customer: Guerra
Format: Multimedia Scenography
Duration: 1h 30’
nueveojos: art direction, postproduction

nueveojos contributors :

Art Direction: Mariona Omedes and Carles Mora
Postproduction: Carles Mora, Mariona Omedes and Josep Balada
Postproduction Assistant: Héctor Díez
3D: Carles Mora

Summary 8 minutes

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