Vespres Verds, Protoclip selected.

Vespres Verds he animated clip Mishima, produced by Nueveojos Animac and select the best of the clips within the Spanish edition of 8 Protoclip. The selection was made by a great knowledge of the international average,and Jonatha Welles.

The screening will be in Paris next 30 November. The festival also showcases the best international moment of clips and a special group of filmmakers dedicated to ‘Canada’, who have led a handful of clips Mishima.

Els Vespres verds

We present the video of Els Verds vespers Mishima, that accompanied the live performance of the group that opened the latest edition of Animac.
Video images are based on the sketchbooks of Andrés Hispano.

It was a pleasure to work for the festival who will appreciate this commission so refreshing!!

We hope you enjoy the!

Our way through the Animac 2012

TV3 news on Animac 2012 showing a fragment of the Mishima music video we produce for Animac from Andres Hispano's illustrations. soon will post the full music video.

It was very inspiring. Thank you very much to all Animac people for treating us so well !!

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animac slide 2
nueveojos preparando animac

Animating for Animac 2012!

We are preparing a piece for the opening session of Animac 2012.We can not tell much for the time, it is a surprise, but it will be veeery creative! there will be more details soon…..



Happy new year!

We wish a Happy New Year to all of you!!!



Alice in Wasteland

You can see our new video of Alicia en el País de los residuos.
It is a stop motion piece that take us to the world of recycling that will be seen in the Ecoparc 4 Hostalets of Piarola and we have made for "Imagina".
find hereFacebookour photo album.

parte atras slide 1
parte atras slide 2
parte atras slide 3

Un cuento para año nuevo

TVE has come to our offices to record us.
We are preparing an animation of 2 minutes which will be part of the program Un cuento de año nuevo. La parte de atrás.

Several artists from different disciplines are involved in this project that will be broadcasted for the New Year special program of 2 TVE. Miguel Gallardo is one of these artists and nueveojos has been working with him to develop his piece.

On our Facebookyou can scroll through the images of the shooting and the process of creating the piece.

Making up a l'Euruga with organic matter.

Alicia Joan MolinsMaking up l'Euruga with organic matter for the animation shooting in stop motion “Alícia al país de les deixalles

Spring Summer 2011

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