Our way through the Animac 2012

TV3 news on Animac 2012 showing a fragment of the Mishima music video we produce for Animac from Andres Hispano's illustrations. soon will post the full music video.

It was very inspiring. Thank you very much to all Animac people for treating us so well !!

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the corner slide 1
the corner slide 2
the corner slide 3
the corner slide 4
the corner slide 5

The Corner Festival by nueveojos

Last 25 November nueveojos participated inThe Corner festival.
We gave a talk about our work and created a video installation that mixed the mapping with an optical effect.
We were able to chat with professional colleagues, artists from other disciplines and have a great time!
Thanks to La Plataforma team for looking after us both!
In our Facebook You can see the photo album.

The mapping of the new FCB Masia

critica mundo deportivo

criticizes Mundo Deportivo

Last 20 th October opened the new Barça training center, we were in charge of mapping the entire event that was broadcasted live on TV3 and youtube! It lasted 35 minutes, we mapped two fronts and we needed 7 projectors to cover the entire surface optimally.
We work with Baf for the technical engineering and Events was responsible for all the production of the event.
It was a pleasure and finally a success of the entire team that was part of this project.
you can find more images in facebook .

nueveojos participates in the Museu Blau

nueve ojos Museu de ciencies naturalsMuseu de les Ciències Naturals de Barcelona, the new Blue Museum of the Forum.
The team of nueve ojos has made several of the audiovisual works for the permanent exhibition , Planeta Vida.
We developed the design and interactivity of the 18 touch tables installed in the exhibition. We have also made the introductory video shown in 3 screens, the 3D material for the 4m in diameter ball about the geological evolution of the planet and other audiovisual content that you can see on your visit.
On our website Facebook You can find some pictures of our work.

Diseño web Barcelona