“The awakening of the Casa Batllo”, trailer

We present the trailer “The awakening of the Casa Batllo”, our new mapping. We have spent many months on this project dumps. We invite you to see the days 20 and 21 October with three projections each day, 21:00,  21:30 and 22:00, in Casa Batllo (Pg de Gracia n º 43) on the tenth anniversary of cultural tours of the house museum.
Andreu Buenafuente will emcee the day 20.

See you there!

Our way through the Animac 2012

TV3 news on Animac 2012 showing a fragment of the Mishima music video we produce for Animac from Andres Hispano's illustrations. soon will post the full music video.

It was very inspiring. Thank you very much to all Animac people for treating us so well !!

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Premis Nacionals de Catalunya 2011

mariona omedes premi nacionalThe CoNCA concedes to the media and visual artist Mariona Omedes (art director nueveojos) the Cultural National Award in the Audiovisual category .


Here's the extract of the special program with Mariona Omedes “Els premis Nacionals de Cultura de Catalunya 2011″.It was broadcasted by TV3 last April 2011.

nueveojos in La 2.

“Desde mi balcón: Espacio público: rutinas, pluralidad y democracia "
Documentary program for the "SOY CÁMARA”. El programa del CCCB” for TVE2. Direction and editing: Virginie Manuel and Mariona Omedes.
Next Saturday 4 th June (at 18h and at 2 o'clock in the morning) will be broadcasted, by 2 TVE, the eleventh chapter of Soy Cámara.

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