Barcekholm is a love story, a fictional mapping in which two buildings speak through two characters, Sophia, from Stockholm, and Jaumet, from Barcelona. The uniqueness of the show is that for the first time the projection is in two similar buildings, the Foreign Ministry in Stockholm and the facade of the City Council in Barcelona. The two projections were adapted according to their protagonists; Jaumet speaking from Barcelona and Sophia from Stockholm. Will they finally meet each other? The illustrations have been in charge of six illustrators from Barcelona and six from Stockholm.

Date: September 2014
Customer: Institut de Cultura de Barcelona
Format: Mapping
Duration: 18’
nueveojos: Art direction and postproduction

nueveojos contributors:

Script: David Lillo and Aran Zulaika
Barcelona illustrators: Roser Capdevila, Ed Carosia, Luci Gutiérrez, Martín Tognola, Sonia Pulido and Pep Boatella
Stockholm illustrators: Pia Koskela, Stina Wirsén, Sara Lundberg, Elisabet Ericson, Elin Svensson and Klas Fahlén
Characters voices: Judit Farrés (Sophia Barcelona), Frida Palsson (Sophia Stockholm), Carles Mora (Jaumet Barcelona and Stockholm), Pep Ribas (Barcelona host) and Richard Leggott (Stockholm host)
Postproduction: Joan Molins, Aleix Abellanet , Glòria Gil, Carles Mora and Karin du Croo
3D Operators:
Characters animation : Ignacio Mullor
Characters rigging: Noel Rodríguez, Albert Callejo, Carles Mora and Joan Molins
2D Animation:
Animation director: Pere Hernández
2D animator: Bujor Stefanescu, Javier Vaquero and Carlos Alonso
Clean up and 2D animations: Joel Morales
Sound postproduction: Oído
Mix: Albert Clemente
Stockholm Technical Engineering: Mediatec
Barcelona Technical Engineering: Block Audiovisuals
Making of: Pau Garcia
Translator : Andrew Rance
Production: Jèssica Bonet, Elisenda Arnavat and Núria Quero
Thanks : Tortell Poltrona, Claes Karlsson, Philippa Staffas, Marta Almirall, Miguel Gallardo, Anders Hattne, Jordi Pont, Hannes Andersson, Maria Espeus, Montse Santaeugenia, Jordi Busquets and Franc Aleu.