An installation designed and created by nueveojos for “Frida, the life of an icon”, at Ideal Centre d’Arts Digitals.

“Frida, the life of an icon” is an immersive biography that proposes a journey through the life of one of the most influential artists of all time. Frida, who always used paintings as a window to her soul, he never painted the bus accident that changed his life. Nueveojos has been commissioned to represent this clash through the three-dimensional installation Multilayer, which thanks to the overlay of transparent layers creates a volumetric video effect. The piece, created especially for Multilayer is titled “L’instant” and shows this precise moment that transformed the life of Frida Kahlo, a second that reveals human frailty, both physical and emotional. The work wants to represent this space in the memory of the artist, a moment frozen in time, an instant that Frida revisits on a recurring basis throughout her life.

The immersive experience, produced by Layers of Reality, with the support of the Artists Rights Foundation and the Frida Kahlo Corporation, it has been inaugurated at IDEAL Barcelona in November 2021 and is currently exhibited in different cities around the world.

Date: November 2021
Customer: Ideal Centre d’Arts Digitals
nueveojos: Idea, artistic direction, technical design, sound design and mixing

nueveojos contributors

3D artist: Ignacio Mullor