La Sagrada Família és Passió

Illumination on the Passion’s façade of La Sagrada Familia. The 12 sculptural groups, made by Josep Maria Subirachs, are illuminated accompanied by a narrative about the Passion and the death of Jesus. During the 3 days of the performance, more than 7,000 people watched the show.
Script by Sebastià Taltavull Anglada, Auxiliary Bishop of Barcelona.

Date: 10th-12th April 2017
Customer: La Sagrada Família
Technique: Light show
Duration: 20’
nueveojos: Art direction, lighting design and production

nueveojos contributors:

Lighting and technical production: Albadalejo
Lighting programmer: Albert Mosoll
Production: Elisenda Arnavat and Jordi Nicolau
Voice-over: Lluís Soler and Dolors Sans
Sound postproduction: G23
Making of: Aimar Galdós, Edu Marquillas, Pau Garcia Laita and Héctor Díez


April 10th, 2017, live connection with the television news to comment on the premiere of the show (TV3).