MIEDO Albert Pla

Visuals for “MIEDO” by Albert Pla.
Visuals created by Nueveojos from paintings by “Mondongo”, a couple of plastic artists.
Co-produced by Complejo Teatral de Buenos Aires, the play was premiered in this city in January 2018 with a full success of audience and sold out tickets in last weeks.


Idea: Albert Pla
Audiovisuals and mappings: nueveojos
Poster design: nueveojos
Paintings: Mondongo
Director: Pepe Miravete
Music composition: Raül Refree
Sound postproduction: Judit Farrés
Other arrangements and music: Judit Farrés
Scenery: Cube.bz
Light design: Jordi “Russo”
Technical video management: Xevi Gibert
Live programming: Ivan Grig
Production: Pedro Páramo
Date: January 2018
Customer: Albert Pla
Technique: Visuals, Theater, mapping
Duration: 1h 15′
nueveojos: Direction, editing, postproduction and poster design

nueveojos contributors:

Direction and postproduction: Carles Mora
Poster design: Mariona Omedes
Postproduction assitants: Jordi Massó, Josep Balada and Héctor Díez
DOP: David Bretones
Shooting team: Edu Marquillas, Uri Lázaro and Billy

Miedo Albert Pla

Second teaser of the song “Me voy”.