Planeta Vida

Production and realization of contents for the new permanent exhibition “Planeta Vida” the new Museu de les Ciències Naturals de Barcelona.
Date: July 2011
Customer: Grupo Floria
nueveojos: Art Direction, design and content production

Interactive tables

Interface Design, navigation design and production of content for 16 interactive tables that allow the user to interact with exhibits and expand their scientific knowledge through digital content.

Interface Design, navigation design and production of content for 2 dualtouch screens.

Format: Interactive
nueveojos: Art Direction, design, production, documentation and scientific advice

nueveojos contributors:

Scientific Advisor: Ricardo Mutuberria
Documentation: Anna Diaz and Zaida Carmona
Production: Jessica Bonet
Postproduction and graphics: Marc Oliveres, Giu Camblor, Josep Balada, Joan Molins, Nuri Yebra and Genís Rovira
Conceptualization: YDreams


Audiovisual work projected on two 4m diameter hemispherical screens. The piece shows the origin and evolution of planet Earth.
Techniques: 3D
Format: HD 720
Duration: 6’40’’
nueveojos: Realization and postproduction

nueveojos contributors:

Audiovisual content

Creativity, design and production of audiovisual content for the exhibition.

Recording, editing and postproduction 6 interviews with scientists.
Design of 75 parts for different panels.
Editing and mastering the audio Chill Out sound on the acoustic landscape of the Montseny during 24 hours.

nueveojos: Art Direction, production and postproduction

nueveojos contributors:

Postproduction: Anders Hattne, Millet and Josep Ignasi Ballad
Cameraman: Marc Enseñat and Attenzione
Sound technician: Joan Redondo
Makeup: Maite Nieto



Audiovisual projected on triple screen about the history of scientific knowledge of humanity. Audio 3.1.
Techniques: 2D animation and traditional animation
Format: HD 720
Duration: 6’40’’
nueveojos: Art Direction, graphics, postproduction and editing

nueveojos contributors:

Animation: La Pera animación and Kote Berberecho
Music: Micka Luna
Sound: Digital 360º