Quantum Realities is an interactive light and audio installation made up of a minimalist LED sculpture that aims to reproduce the ability of the quantum world to be in different places at the same time.

It is the spectator who, by interacting with the installation, makes the principle of quantum uncertainty disappear and thus witness a single probability of reality. In the same way that our interaction when measuring the position of an electron forces it to be defined in a specific position.


Quantum Realities consists of 8 rods connected to 8 capacitive sensors. At rest, the sphere reproduces chaotic light patterns by superimposing 8 animations simultaneously. By touching each of the rods, the viewer activates one of the 8 animations and deactivates the others, thus eliminating the chaos.



Each of the 8 animations contains an audio track and the 8 tracks together form a piece of music. The audience, by interacting, what they are doing is turning audio tracks on and off so that they become a kind of quantum DJ and make the experience much more fun and performative.


Electrons do not have a definite position but they do have areas that are more likely than others to be found. This probability map is called an orbital and has symmetrical structures that in this installation are represented through the set of mirrors, creating a false symmetrical depth.



Quantum Realities has been premiered with a great reception during Off Llum BCN’20, a small and medium light installations circuit created and commissioned by Poblenou Urban District.

The installation has been sponsored by SIMON (leading Spanish manufacturer in electrical equipment and creator of technology solutions for home and professional environments), which has provided material; and in collaboration with Bridge_48, in charge of the first musical creation of the piece and hosting the installation in its facilities during the release in February of 2020.



Elisenda Arnavat
Production Manager

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