Aurelius is a traveling show that combines street theater and videomapping. The actors are virtual and they walk the streets interacting with the architecture accompanied by the public in the form of a troupe. The show aims to bring freshness to the world of mapping, breaking the rigidity of conventional projections and turning the city into an infinite canvas.

Interpreters: Hermann del Río and Edu Marquillas

Date: February 2020
Format: Ciclomapping
nueveojos: Direction, design, production and creation of visual and sound content

nueveojos contributors:

Artistic direction: Mariona Omedes
Technical direction: Uri Lázaro and Carles Mora
Production: Eli Arnavat
Production assistant: Maria Egea and Adriana Montagud
Postproduction: Mariona Omedes, Carles Mora, Uri Lázaro, Josep Balada and Romà Hereter
D.O.P: David Bretones and Edu marquillas


Aurelius is the name of the main character, an endearing and mysterious giant starring Hermann del Río. Together with his friend “Mosquito”, a strange character played by Edu Marquillas, they show us a series of traditional and surrealist scenes close to absurd theater.



A tricycle carries a projector and a large speaker, both powered by batteries. The projector, being mounted on a camera head, allows the image to be manually directed to any point of urban architecture, adapting to the actions of the characters even when the tricycle is in motion.
This freedom of projection places human execution as a fundamental pillar of the show since the scenes are launched according to the architecture that appears during the tour and the reaction of the public.

First Release

Aurelius premiered at the “Llum BCN Poblenou” festival in February 2020.
Aurelius passed on a round trip itinerary along 5 blocks of the Poblenou neighborhood in Barcelona. The characters walked along the facades and dodged obstacles, sometimes jumping and sometimes flying until they reached a place where the tricycle and the public stopped and longer scenes took place.
The show ran uninterrupted for 4 hours with a single 15-minute break to change batteries.




Elisenda Arnavat
Production Manager

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